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Dr. Varon is the Chairman of the Board of United General Hospital and United Memorial Medical Center. He is Chief of Staff and Chief of Critical Care at United Memorial Medical Center and United General Hospital in Houston. In addition, he is the Chief of Staff at UGH Pain and Spine Hospital. Dr. Varon is the Former Chief of Critical Care Services and Past Chief of Staff at University General Hospital. He is a Professor of Acute and Continuing Care at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas and formerly a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He is also Professor of Medicine, Surgery and Professor of Emergency Medicine at several universities in Mexico, the Middle East and Europe. After completing medical training at the UNAM Medical School in Mexico City, Mexico, Dr. Varon served as internship in internal medicine at Providence Hospital/George Washington University, Washington, D.C. A subsequent residency in internal medicine was completed at Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, California. Dr. Varon also served fellowships in critical care medicine and pulmonary diseases at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. An avid researcher, Dr, Varon has contributed more than 820 peer-reviewed journal articles, 12 full textbooks, and 16 dozen book chapters to the medical literature. He is also a reviewer for multiple journals and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for Critical Care and Shock and Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews. Dr. Varon has won many prestigious awards and is considered among one of the top physicians in the United States. Dr. Varon is also known for his groundbreaking contributions to Critical Care Medicine in the fields of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapeutic hypothermia. He has developed and studied technology for selective brain cooling. He is also a well-known expert in the area of hypertensive crises management. With Dr. Carlos Ayus, he co-described the hyponatremia associated to extreme exercise syndrome also known as the “Varon-Ayus syndrome” and with Mr. James Boston codescribed the healthcare provider anxiety syndrome also known as the “Boston-Varon syndrome”. Dr. Varon has lectured in over 58 different countries around the globe. Along with Professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine in 2008), Dr. Varon created the Medical Prevention and Research Institute in Houston, Texas, where they conduct work on basic sciences projects. Dr. Varon has appeared in National and International television and radio shows with his techniques and care of patients. Dr. Varon is well known for his academic and clinical work in the management of acute hypertension and has published extensively on this subject. In addition, Dr. Varon has worked on studies related to ethical issues in acute care medicine and has several peer-reviewed publications on this controversial subject. In the last few months, Dr. Varon has become a leader in the diagnosis and management of patients with COVID19.


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