DeannaG SmallHarish is a native Houstonian, a registered pharmacist and the founder of Southside Group of Companies. For the past 29 years, he served as the President and CEO of Southside Pharmacy. As a visionary, in the era of AID’s pandemic of the 90’s, he started a small independent pharmacy to cater to the very sick and under privileged HIV patients, in Houston. Over the years, it transformed into a chain of retail and specialty pharmacies in Texas, California and Florida. He is considered as extended family, to many of his patients due his compassionate, caring and loving attitude. Harish has been a board member of several charities and non-profit organizations including Indian Doctors Charity Clinic, Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Pratham-USA and many others. He has received national recognition for participating in local and international charities to help the sick and under privileged. He brings with him, not only four decades of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical management but more importantly his passion for patient care. It was this passion that wouldn’t let him rest and enjoy retirement with his family. As the pandemic hit USA hard, he rose up to the challenge, returned to Houston (he was in India in March) and sprung in to action.



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